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Department of Geography

Assoc. Prof. Simon Kušar

Born in 1976 in Ljubljana. After graduating from high school, I enrolled in the study of geography at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. After graduating in 2000, I enrolled in the same faculty for a master degree in regional planning. I successfully completed my studies in 2003, and in 2009, I received Ph.D. from Geographical Sciences. In my doctoral dissertation, I studied the role of institutional location factors, especially the role of regional and spatial planning in locating manufacturing activities in Slovenia. The mentors were Andrej Černe and Drago Kos (from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana).

I became a teaching assistant at the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana in 2001. I was responsible for practical lesions at social geography, geographical methods and regional planning courses. In early 2017, I was promoted to lecturer.

I am geographically curious about institutional approach in economic geography, location of production activities, geographical dimensions of the economic cycle, foreign direct investments, functionally derelict areas, development challenges of problem regions, green infrastructure as a development category, indicators for assessing regional structure and potentials and informal planning.

I am responsible for many things at the Department of Geography: as deputy head of the Department, Head of the Chair of Regional Analysis and Planning, Alumni Coordinator, Practical Training Coordinator, and there is always something more to do.

In my free time, I play with my kids and plan new adventures by train.

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