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Department of History

izr. prof. dr. Rok Stergar

Rok Stergar is Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana and a historian of the Habsburg Empire in the long nineteenth century, the First World War, and of nationalism. He is the author of two books and numerous articles in journals and collections on nationalisms in the Habsburg Empire, the Habsburg military, and Austro-Hungarian soldier experience in the First World War. He is currently leading the three-year Slovenian Research Agency research project "Schools and Imperial, National, and Transnational Identifications: Habsburg Empire, Yugoslavia, and Slovenia" an the three year Slovene Research Agency and Czech Science Foundation joint research project "Nourishing Victory: Food Supply and Post-Imperial Transition in the Czech Lands and Slovenia, 1918-1923."



2003: PhD in History (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts)


Academic and professional career

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of History


2013–: Associate Professor

2007–2013: Assistant Professor

1998–2007: Assistant


Guest Professorships

2015: University of Zagreb


Research and professional activities

- 2021--: head of the research project Nourishing Victory: Food Supply and Post-Imperial Transition in the Czech Lands and Slovenia, 1918-1923 (Slovene Research Agency and Czech Science Foundation)

- 2020--: head of the research project Schools and Imperial, National, and Transnational Identifications: Habsburg Empire, Yugoslavia, and Slovenia (Slovene Research Agency)

- 2020--: member of the research project Creating, Maintaining, Reusing: Border Commissions as the Key for Understanding Contemporary Borders (Slovene Research Agency)

- 2020--: advisor-collaborator in the ERC Advanced grant ECOINT (European Research Council)

- 2019: head of the research project AD Romam: Griechisch-Katholische Priester aus dem habsburgischen Galizien in Rom – Eine Bestandaufnahme (OeAD Cooperation Office L'viv)

- 2019--: member of the research project Post-Imperial Transitions and Transformations from a Local Perspective: Slovene Borderlands Between the Dual Monarchy and Nation States (1918–1923) (Slovene Research Agency)

- 2017--: cooperative partner in the research project Habsburg Army Research Multilingualism and Military-Civil Relations, 1868-1914 (FWF Austrian Science Fund)

- 2007–2011: member of the research project Modern and Contemporary Croat History in European and Global Context (Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, the Republic of Croatia)

- 2004--: member of the research programme Slovenian History (Slovene Research Agency)

- 2003: head of the research project Die Geschichte und Mythen des Mittelalters und das Entstehen der modernen Nation im 19. Jahrhundert (Österreichisches Ost- und Südosteuropa Institut)


-    2021--: Member of the International Editorial Board of Istraživanja: Journal of Historical Researches

-    Referee for Acta historiae artis Slovenica, Acta Histriae, Ars et Humanitas, Austrian History Yearbook, Central European History, CEPS Journal, Dve domovini / Two Homelands, European Review of History / Revue européenne d'histoire, First World War Studies, Hungarian Historical Review, Journal of Historical Sociology, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Nationalities Papers, Nations and Nationalism, Povijesni prilozi, Prispevki za novejšo zgodovino, Slavic Review, Zgodovinski časopis, Berghahn Books, Cankarjeva založba, Jagiellonian University Press, Ljubljana University Press, Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenska matica, Verlag des NÖ Instituts für Landeskunde, Založba INZ, Založba ZRC


- Evaluator of project applications for FWF Austrian Science Fund, GAČR Czech Science Foundation, Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Serbia

- External evaluator of Czech Academy of Sciences research-oriented institutes

Recent publications

Stergar, Rok. 2020. " 'Aber durch die gemeinsame einheitliche Kommandosprache wurde noch kein Mann entnationalisiert…': Slowenische katholische Politik zwischen Nationalismus, politischem Pragmatismus und Kaisertreue." Römische Quartalschrift 115, No. 3-4 (2020), 217-233.  

—. 2020. "Habsburg South Slavs in Peace and War, 1912-1918." In John R. Lampe and Ulf Brunnbauer, eds. Routledge Handbook of Balkan and Southeast European History, 181-190. Abingdon, Oxon, New York, N.Y: Routledge.

—. 2020. „Continuity, Pragmatism, and Ethnolinguistic Nationalism: Public Administration in Slovenia during the Early Years of Yugoslavia“. In Peter Becker, Therese Garstenauer, Veronika Helfert, Karl Megner, Guenther Steiner, and Thomas Stockinger, eds., Hofratsdämmerung? Verwaltung und ihr Personal in den Nachfolgestaaten der Habsburgermonarchie 1918 bis 1920, 179-192. Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung, 75. Vienna: Böhlau.

—. 2019. „L'expérience des soldats austro-hongrois sur le front austro-italien: le problème du ravitaillement en vivres“. In Giovanni L. Fontana and Marco Mondini, eds. Soldati e quotidianità della guerra, 13-30. Ricerche di storia, 4. Ospedaletto (Pisa).

—. 2019. „The Evolution of Linguistic Policies and Practices of the Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces in the Era of Ethnic Nationalisms: The Case of Ljubljana-Laibach“. In Markian Prokopovych, Carl Bethke, and Tamara Scheer, eds. Language Diversity in the Late Habsburg Empire, 50-71. Central and Eastern Europe, 9. Leiden, Boston: Brill.

Stergar, Rok and Tamara Scheer. 2018. „Ethnic Boxes: The Unintended Consequences of Habsburg Bureaucratic Classification“. Nationalities Papers 46. 575-591.

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