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Okrogla miza EUTOPIA na Univerzi v Warwicku: Jezikovni poklici in umetna inteligenca

Next week is EUTOPIA Languages Week in the EUTOPIA network! 


As part of these activities, we are organising the online roundtable “Language professionals in the times of AI” on 7th March 3-4 pm GMT, with four speakers:


  • Anna Fellet, Localization Experience Program Manager, EMEA at Uber
  • Apryl Gibson, Volunteer Coordinator/Senior Manager, Review and Translation Program at Kiva
  • Francisco González Barrionuevo, Globalization Program Manager and Product Owner at Scaled Agile Inc
  • Tamara Tirják, Head of Localisation at Frontier Developments


This session brings together experts, language professionals and technology enthusiasts to delve into the challenges and opportunities that AI presents for language professionals. The session is free and open to everyone.


You can sign up here https://warwick.ac.uk/students/warwickpresents/languagesweek/online/


We are looking forward to seeing you online next week!

Mojca Golob


Department of Translation Studies

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