Selected Themes in Preschool Education

Selected Themes in Preschool Education

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Hočevar Andreja

- Institutional preschool education research methodology.
- The theoretical framework of education in preschool institutions.
- The conceptual and legal solutions related to preschool education in Slovenia.
- Public and private preschools. The preschools that follow special educational principles (Steiner, Montessori, Decroly and Reggio Emilia).
- Curricular planning – between goal-oriented and process-oriented curriculum planning.
- The hidden curriculum.
- The Preschool Curriculum (1999) and Roma children, immigrant children, children with special needs, children from marginalized groups, etc.
- (Self-)evaluation and monitoring quality in preschools.