Delavnica: Spol v sodobnem oglaševalskem diskurzu

Oddelek za anglistiko in amerikanistiko Filozofske fakultete vabi študente vseh stopenj na delavnico dr. Anne Islentyeve na temo Spol v sodobnem oglaševalskem diskurzu. Delavnica bo v četrtek, 18. 5. 2023, v predavalnici 535B, z začetkom ob 16.20 in bo potekala v angleščini. 

O delavnici (v angleškem jeziku):

Promotional culture and advertising are considered “one of the most populous and pervasive modern discourse types” (Fairclough 2015: 60). On a daily basis, we are exposed to a great number of posters on the streets and transport, as well as commercials on TV, the Internet and social media. Most of these advertise products for daily use and employ images of men and women. According to Judith Butler, gender is constructed through repetitive discursive practices. Continuous stereotypical representations of men and women in advertising discourse contribute to the construction of gender in society and establish a series of problematic gender norms that come to be accepted as the status quo.

This workshop provides insight into the relationship between language, visuals, marketing strategies and gender stereotypes, by investigating the strategies employed in the representation of men and women in a sample of contemporary advertisements. The chosen posters advertise products that fit into five major categories: beverages, food, daily care products, fragrances and clothing. Among the brands advertised are American Apparel, Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola, Dove, Givenchy, Nivea and McDonald‟s.

The workshop will be taught by Dr. Anna Islentyeva (University of Innsbruck).



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