Social Psychology

Social Psychology

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 4

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Babnik Katarina, doc. dr. Mencin Marjeta, prof. ddr. Rus Velko, prof. dr. Miheljak Vladimir

Our approach is based on the socio – historical model of social psychology; it persists on the societal contextualization of the social – psychological concepts. Central attention is focused to social-psychological conceptions of relations between individual and societal from the end of century on; mentioned conceptions are based on thesis that societal processes temptrally and logically exist before self – awaring indivuidual: the (symbol) interactionism (G. H. Mead), its influence on social psychological conceptualizations; social constructivism/ constructionism (Harre, Gergen, Secord); deconstructionsim (Henriques, Venn). Programme represents the mechanisms of societal influence, the phenomena of the societal differentiation, the processes and mechanisms of normalization, via which the self – evident criteria of good, utile, normal , pathological and deviant are formed. Among themes, to which particular attention is consecrated, is the role of the prejudices and of the stereotypes in the individual psychical economy and in the re/production of the hierarchical societal relations; mass pyschology, psychological ideals of liberalism, the influence of the societal minorities on the majority. In the last part the attention is consecrated to the micro-level inter-personal relations : characteristics of the psychoplogical groups, the analysis of the group structure and of specific aspects of inter-personal
Relations in the group.