Modern Greek literature and civilization I

Modern Greek literature and civilization I

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Tutorials: 60

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): asist. Tsiami Konstantina, prof. dr. Kavčič Jerneja

The course is divided into two sections:
1. Greek literature and culture of the Ottoman period:
- political and economic circumstances; influences of the Ottoman period on every-day cultural life
- education, intelligence and destiny of the ancient and Byzantine tradition
- folk poetry and literature in the period of Ottoman domination; literature and culture of Renaissance Crete
- Greece and western European political and cultural currents in the Ottoman domination period; the Enlightenment in Greece
- liberation movement and the end of the Ottoman domination in Greece
2. Greek literature and culture from the establishment of the modern Greek state to the end of the 19th c.:
- the establishment of the modern Greek state: economic and cultural circumstances and their influences on literature; the language issue and attitude towards the heritage of Classical Greece and Byzantium
- nineteenth-century literature: the Ionian School and D. Solomos, A. Kalvos, A. Valariotis; General
Makrigiannis; the Old Athenian School and Greek romanticism; the New Athenian School and K. Palamas