Andragogical practice

Andragogical practice

Study Cycle: 2

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): asist. Košmerl Tadej, prof. dr. Govekar Okoliš Monika

• Analysis and critical observation andragogical activities from a substantive, organizational and institutional aspects.
• Monitoring the andragogical work and appropriate communication of the mentor and other employees at the institution (taking into account andragogical principles, types, approaches, methods, conditions and techniques involved in working with adults and the conduct and evaluation of the education of or work with adults).
• Practical experience in planning, conducting and implementing adult education at the different institution.
• Practical experience in the organisation and conducting of andragogical forms of working with adults in line with their needs in institution and experience with
with the modes and forms of evaluation of education / work with adults and themselves valued.
• Practical experience through observation, monitoring the work of and cooperating with leading education in institution (preparing projects, minor research project) and coordinating between the institution and its wider social environment (individuals, institutions, local community, etc.).
• Learning about specific situations, different roles played by andragogues and other employees involved in adult education in different institution and education about adult education.
• Knowledge of the importance and possibilities and forms of permanent personal education and promoting their own professional development and lifelong learning and education.
• Critical observation of the process of the education of and work with adults in the specific institution and the writing of a report on the completed practicum, which includes the description and evaluation of the activities in which the student has participated. A questionnaire evaluates the work of adult education institutions, where the practice is carried out.
• The content of practice and practice to provide a more detailed schedule individual assignments form the student together with the mentors at the beginning of the practice.
• Andragogical practice takes on a selected institution working two weeks or 80 working hours.