Czech in Practice 2/2

Czech in Practice 2/2

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 60

ECTS credit: 4

Lecturer(s): lekt. Maltarić Bojana, lekt. Muchova Zuzana

Students will be presented with more difficult examples from morphology (irregular declension, gradation ...) through exercises. During lessons related to verb connectivity, students learn about the laws of Czech syntax and the use of prepositions in Czech, and at the same time enrich their vocabulary. During conversation lessons, they also get to know more difficult texts in the Czech language, and encounter artistic and professional texts.
Through various forms of conversation (everyday conversation, discussion, briefing, text formation) they develop the competencies of oral and written communication.

Part of the lessons in this course is devoted to translating into Slovene, with the texts that students translate in the second year being less demanding, focused especially on learning about Czech society and culture.
Students learn to work with a variety of sources and literature, translate directly in tutorials and independently at home. The translation is exclusively one-way - from Czech into Slovenian.