Socialisation in Adulthood

Socialisation in Adulthood




ECTS credit:5

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Ličen Nives


- Socialization as lifelong process – selected theories.
- The concept of change. Environment (social, cultural, virtual, biological) and the impact on socialization in adulthood. Adaptation and stress.
- Reciprocal influence.
- Factors of socialization in adulthood and later adulthood (family, work group, social movement – ecological, political, LGBT).
- New media and virtual spaces.
- Multiculturalism.
- Social construction of meaning.
- Symbols and learning.
- The concept of emotional intelligence, emotions and learning in adulthood.
- Body changes, disciplining the body, attitude towards health, illness, food, sex.
- Ageing. Death.