Educational Gerontology

Educational Gerontology




ECTS credit:5

Lecturer(s): asist. Gerdina Otto, asist. Košmerl Tadej, doc. dr. Šarić Marjeta, izr. prof. dr. Ličen Nives, prof. dr. Potočnik Slavič Irma


Conceptual framework: theories of aging, geragogy, educational gerontology, tanatogogy, education and learning of older adults in the context of lifelong learning.

Research methodology in the field of education for older adults; selected research methods.

Theories of learning and education in late adulthood. Knowledge and identity in late adulthood.

Social and cultural factors affecting education in old age.

Individual differences in aging, cognitive, emotional, cultural differences affecting education of older adults.

Different target groups in education for older adults (older workers, older adults after retirement, older adults with chronic illness, older adults in local community, older adults in tourism …).

Educational system for older adults: degree of organisation and various providers (university of the third age, popular university, NGO, political party …).

Planning, realising and evaluating education for older adults.

Various fields of education (art, health, work, family, religion, emotions, loss in late life …).

Selected educational strategies (guiding and counselling, mentoring, intergenerational learning and education).