Psychological Anthropology

Psychological Anthropology




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Kravanja Boštjan


The course deals with human behaviour and with the question of its classifying in models, classification schemes or systems. Overview of basic schools (study of culture and personality; cultural psychology, cognitive psychology) and concepts (worldview, deviance, conformity, ethos, schismogenesis, socialization and internalization vs. education, psychoanalysis of culture, identity etc.) of psychological anthropology. The course deals with ways of cultural construction of emotions, thoughts, language and discourses and conceptions of self through presentations of experience of childhood and parenting, play, processes of courting, ways of thinking and reasoning. It discusses dialectics of personal and collective identities, self-consciousness and self, emotions and personality; particularly in the perspective of intercultural research. Evaluation and relativization of every-day understanding of human behaviour (mind, “self”, instinct, intention, anxiety, maturity, intelligence, politeness, role, idea etc.).